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The Book Thief: A Review

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak


The Book Thief is a novel by Australian author Markus Zusak.
Narrated by Death, the book is set in Nazi Germany, a place and time when the narrator notes he was extremely busy. It describes a young girl’s relationship with her foster parents, the other residents of their neighborhood, and a young Jewish man who hides in her home during the escalation of World War II.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book mainly because of the connection I had with the characters, it was truly an emotional book (that May or may not have brought a tear to my eye) and one that has topped my best book chart beating competition like TFiOS and other John Green books as well as other YA books by other various authors.

This book gets in very deep and although it may seem like it starts off slow, don’t give up on it because it picks up speed very quickly, I found that I soon became a fan of the main character due to her innocence and honesty and that I also became a fan of her foster father; I won’t reveal any names for the sake of surprise however do not hate the mother, she is quite the stubborn one, but believe me.


I prefer stories told by the people themselves e.g. TFiOS but The Book Thief is an exception “death” really tells the story well and sometimes it seems as if the main character herself is speaking, Markus really put effort into making this book incredibly enjoyable to read, furthermore the supporting characters provide a reality to the story that makes it so real and alive.


Exploring the world of war and especially a subject like the Holocaust is dangerous, it is almost reserved for only the most elite of writers and the most intricate and delicate brains but Markus really got it right from start to end, he didn’t go deep enough to make it sound insulting but neither did he not go deep enough to make it sound boring and stereotypical.


I did say the story starts off slow but it doesn’t mean it starts boring, it almost dives straight into the climax with the main character leaving her Mum for a foster family at the same time her brother dies on a train, very sad but also climatic but there is a better climatic moment later on in the book. Once you delve into the book for another few 100 pages you’ll see that the book is very touching and also personal, regarding her life and the lives of people around her, it may seem pointless to read a book about someone who lives a hard life but it’s by what she does with her life that makes the difference, as I’ve said before it’s the supporting characters that give the book character.


I don’t want to go too deep or else I will spoil everything in the book and for some people ruining it will ruin their lives so I’ll just give my thoughts:

– it’s well written and covers many personal subjects that touch the reader.
– super emotional
– well structured
– quite cheap for a paperback, some retail for £5
– it is a long book so be prepared for some long nights and many tears….


So yeah, this book is incredible so I recommend it 10/10 for anyone considering it.