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Hawk Occupation: Skateboarder: A Review

Hawk: Occupation: Skateboarder - Tony Hawk, Sean Mortimer

First Impressions…

Very cool and laid back layout (despite the contents page), also the use of the black-and-white snapshot pictures really helped me picture the moment. The book smelt really good and the font was easy on the eye :)


The shizzle

Brilliant book from start to finish, Sean Mortimer’s writing expertise has caused me to fall in love with biography’s (even though I still have only read one!) the eye-catching and sometimes weird photos give the book a certain edge from other books also the divisional chapters of his life are separated well, as well as the name of each chapter. Furthermore the sub-titles portrayed in each chapter provide structure and meaning to the story.



Basically, this book isn’t just about his life and although it may not be the most engaging book it is definitely the most inspirational and heart-warming, it teaches us valuable lessons, do’s and don’t’s and most importantly how to have fun. It may not be a book for everyone but there is no harm in trying something new and btw (I’m so hip!) there is no synopsis or summary because personally you can perceive it the way you want to.



Go ahead and try it; it is a wonderful story about a wonderful life.

“His life story should be read by anyone who wants to live by what they love.”